Others call them under-privileged, We call them Artistes.
Others consider them deprived, We consider them Priceless.


Art is what makes life spectacular, vibrant and colorful. And we, in INDIA are very privileged to have so many traditional art forms that have their roots seeped deep into our villages. And we are even more fortunate to have all the local artisans who have kept the art of their generations alive, in spite of the odds they face on a daily basis. At SpectraHut, we aim to bridge this divide between the artists and the market. 

Our intention is to help the local artisans identify their uniqueness and finesse by leveraging their talent in the form of their handmade products which we sell and promote. In the process, we are essentially trying to give them the gift of pride and confidence, in themselves and their art, along with a sense of independence and financial security.

Thereby, we hope to make a difference in their lives by bettering their social and economic conditions and add as much beauty in their lives as they add in their creations.

We are totally aware of our responsibility towards Mother Nature and so we use totally natural materials without hurting the surroundings. In addition, we extensively recycle and reuse the products to maintain the environmental balance and thus reduce the pressure on existing resources.

Thank you so much for visiting and being a part of this beautiful journey with us. Let us, together, try to make this world a more beautiful place to live in.