Brass Name Plate Designs for Home

Brass is one of the oldest material used for making name plates for homes. Along with that brass nameplates are widely used in offices as door and desk nameplates.

Brass Name Plates for Houses

Brass name plates suit any kind of house. These name plates can be used if you are living in a villa or bungalow or even if you are living in a flat. Most of the time these brass nameplates have a brass base and letters are engraved on it. But recently some designers started making brass nameplates using wooden or acrylic base and then put brass letters on it to make the final name plate.

Brass Name Plates for Doors

When you are living in a flat or apartment then the best way to put a brass nameplate for your house is to hang it on the door. All these brass nameplates have hooks at the back, which you can use to directly screw in the doors or use a strong thread to hand from one nail or screw on the door.

Brass Name Plates Near Me

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