Indian Handicrafts - Unique Handicrafts from roots of India

India Is a land of colors, diverse culture and heritage. No matter where you are in India you will surely find two things for sure. First is the local food and second the local handicraft. 

Both local food and local handicraft defines the true identity of that place or state in India. If you are in Kashmir you will find some amazing non-vegetarian food, biryani and herbal tea. Along with that you will find some amazing wooden handicrafts and paper mache handicrafts. 

Here are some of the most popular handicrafts of India. 

  • Wooden Handicrafts
  • Terracotta & Ceramic Handicrafts
  • Brass Handicrafts
  • Block Printing Craft
  • Channapatna Handicrafts

Wooden Handicrafts

Indian Handicrafts using wood are the oldest form of handicrafts made all across India. Starting from North in Kashmir to very extreme point of Karnataka all the states in India have a unique kind of wood available as raw material. 

These variety of wood is used in different style of handicraft products. In Kashmir most of the wooden handicraft is made using walnut wood. On the other hand in Karnataka most of the handicraft products are made using channapatna wood.

Terracotta & Ceramic Handicrafts

From the starting of Human civilization terracotta vessels and products are very much in use in various forms. In modern word we may not be using these terracotta products in our daily life but Indian handicrafts using terracotta are very much in demand. 

New world terracotta handicraft evolved in ceramic handicraft using which artists are making some very usable products using their traditional handicrafts.

Some of the most common terracotta handicrafts products in India are cups / mugs lamps and plates.


Brass Handicrafts

In metal handicrafts of India, Brass and iron are the two main metals which are used in various forms of handicrafts. 

Brass handicrafts are very much used in making temple and pooja products. Recently some of the brass handicraft artists started making home decor products like modern style lamps and other decor items.

Brass handicrafts are made in Northern India but they have a very huge demand in Southern India.

Block Printing Craft

One of the most popular handicrafts of India in terms of textile and fabric is block printing from Rajasthan. 

This craft is ages old and today Indian handicraft artists are working hand to hand with modern designers to make not fabric for dresses but also using their craft to make more usable products which could appeal to the new generation buyers.

The most popular style of block printing involves use of handmade natural colors and wooden carved blocks with some fine design.


Channapatna Handicraft

If wooden handicraft is very popular in India there is one unique wooden craft that you can’t ignore and that is Channpatna wooden handicrafts. 

With a history of more than 1000 years channapatna crafts makes some unique circular form products and toys and the best part is they uses colors that are made of natural ingredients.