Terracotta pots online India

Welcome to our collection of unique and handcrafted terracotta pots. here you find handmade and unique craft of terracotta pots and vases made by handicraft artisans from different corners of India.

Warli Terracotta Pots and Vases

If you are looking to buying some unique handicraft item for your home them these Warli terracotta pots and vases are good option to consider. These terracotta pots are available on our store online and you can check the unique design and style. These pots are available in regular size as well as in miniature form which looks very cute for decoration purpose.

Madhubani Terracotta Pots and Vases

Another very popular form of art you will find on terracotta pots and vases is Madhubani art painting. This is a very complex painting and that looks so amazing on miniature pots as well as on the regular size pots.