Wooden Masala Box – Indian Spice Box


Rs 899/-

Material: Sheesham Wood and glass lid.
Color: Brown
Size: (L * W * H) = (8 * 8 * 2 - 2.25), CONTAINERS (L * W * H) = (2.4 * 2.4 * 1.3), SPOON = (L * W) = (3.7 * .7) Inch
# Spices are not included in the product.
# Shipping Wordwide from INDIA.

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Wooden Masala Box is used to store spices and it is perfect for your kitchen accessories. It is a multi-purpose box which can be used to store dry fruits, Keep jewelry and other small items.

Wooden Masala Box Material:  The wooden spice box is made from the high-quality Sheesham wood sourced from government approved resources. This wooden masala box is handmade by award winning artisans.

The brown color of the wooden masala container is from the natural shade of the wood.

How to clean the wooden masala box?

This masala/spice box is made of natural wood and the brown color is the natural color of the wood. The shine on the wood is natural oils. Best way to clean this box is to wipe with a clean dry cloth.

It is not advisable to wash the wooden spice box but if in case you need to clean the containers you can use a wet cloth to clear out all the content inside. To maintain the shine of the wood you can use coconut oil or any other natural oil to polish it with a clean cloth. This will help to regain the shine of the wood.


How big is this wooden spice box?

Size of the outer container of the wooden masala box is around 8 X 8 X 2 – 2.25 inch. As this is a handmade product these dimensions could vary a little bit. The size of the containers is big enough for a small family kitchen.

What spices can be kept in the wooden masala box?

You can keep any type of spices in the wooden spice container. But please make sure you should not keep any wet spice in the masala container.