Warli Painting Pots & Vases – Miniature Pots with Madhubani Painting


Rs 699/-

Can be used as Vases, Flower Pots for home decoration
Art Type: Handmade With Warli Handpainting , Colour: Pastel Blue, Chrome Yellow & Red
Material: Terracotta
Dimensions: (H * DIA) = (6.0 * 3.5) Inch
Package Content: 1 Vase

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Warli pots and vases Features: This elongated neck tapered vase is perfect to be put in a living room or office. Can also be used as a decorative flower vase.

Hand embellished with patches of miniature warli painting depicting a man playing a musical instrument, a man riding a horse, a plant motif and two dancing men, bringing in the aura of festivities. Handmade in earthen terracotta. Hand-painted in a shade of pastel blue, chrome yellow & red.


Comes in the following dimensions: 6. 0 inch (h) 3. 5 inch (dia) inch in size. It will definitely be a perfect piece of attraction for your guests. Art type: Handmade with warli hand painting material: Terracotta dimensions: (H x dia) = (6. 0 x 3. 5) inch color: Pastel blue, chrome yellow & red package content: 1 vase.