20 Strong Reasons To Buy Handmade Crafts


Why should one choose handmade crafts over mass-produced items?

Comparing handmade crafts with mass-production of items is completely erroneous in the first place. The handmade products are not created in the same way and they are not sold in the same way. Mass produced goods are sold cheaply in lots while handmade products take up ample time to make since they are made one at a time by one person.

unique handmade craft

 Here are top 20 reasons to buy handmade crafts:

 1. These Products are Unique

unique handmade craft

 Handmade products are not just products but unique creations made by someone with love, creativity, and respect to their art. The delicate work shows.

2. Gifting These Crafts Makes It More Special

special handicrafts

Gifts are a token of love. When one buys handmade crafts, and gifts the same, the love and emotion are conveyed through them. The entire gift giving process stems from the love embedded in those gifts and hence handmade items are worthy of gifting to your special ones. It is akin to writing a letter with pen, ink, and paper, rather than typing out words on the computer.

3. Handmade Crafts Last Longer

long lasting handicraft

Since handmade items are of high quality, they are long-lasting, unlike mass-produced goods that are made of cheap material and routine processes by machines. Artisans are very proud of their work, and hence craft items that are known for their longevity.

4. It Shows The Local Culture

local culture handicraft

Handmade crafts are a reflection of the long lost culture and tradition of the society. By buying handmade stuff, we are embracing and celebrating the diversity of different regional cultures and ideas.

5. Support for Local Artists and Business

handicraft support local business

We are giving support to local artisans and business along with local economy and community by buying handmade products. This also aids the lifestyle of the people living merely on their talent for making things based on their culture.

6. High-Quality Products

high quality handicraft products

Buying handmade is about buying quality products that are handmade, which means avoiding mass production of products that are cheaper in quality.

7. Customize The Product as You Need

customize handicraft products

Since every item is made by hand, one can customize them by getting it done from the artisan himself. Talk directly to them to tweak the colours or add something to it based on your own preferences.

8. Go Green with Environment-Friendly Items

go green eco friendly handicraft

By buying these goods, one is helping the environment since most of them are made from waste and recyclable material, thus reducing your contribution to carbon footprint too.

9. Most Craft Items Use waste or Recycle Material

handicraft made from waste or recycle material

As these artisans use recycled materials, one is making use of waste to make something constructive and get them for use. Wastage of resources is already a big problem in the world.

10. You Form a Unique Connection With The Maker

connect with handicraft maker

You connect with every artisan responsible for making the handmade crafts in a metaphysical manner, a unique connection with the maker.  It is always splendid to meet the clothing designer, author, or chef who is responsible for what we wear, read and eat.  It is a similar feeling but with the heart involved too.

11. Handmade Craft is Real Thing Made by Hands

handicraft is real things made by hands

Many items can be manufactured by machines and involve the use of chemicals and labour but by using sustainable resources, one is giving back to nature and there is an emotional connect with the product that is made with help from nature and two physical hands.

12. Buying Handmade Ensures That Some Lost Skills are Kept Alive

handicraft makes lost skills stay alive

It is important to buy handmade things so that one could preserve the art of making those things too. These skills are passed on from generations and involve years of patience, passion, commitment and sincerity too. We need to keep our culture alive through these arts.

13. There Is No Wait Time Involved

In handicraft there is no wait time involved

There is no “wait time” for the products to be designed since most of the makers will deliver the goods within some time you order them.

14. It Is Affordable

Affordable Handicraft

Although it is believed that handcrafted items are costly, they are pretty much affordable and worthy of the effort behind. Mind you, they are not factory made products but beautiful creations made with love and care and hence priceless too.

15. It Direct Connects With Artist

handicraft connect with artists

It is tough to find things in a home where one could point out the makers too. We seldom get a chance to buy something made by a fellow human and this is a thing to cherish.

16. Low Fraud Risk Because It Is One to One Relationship

Handicraft items

These products can be bought without the risk of the fraudulence of any measure because they can be bought directly from the makers themselves. Any fault can be directly rectified too, unlike the machine made goods.

17. Personal Shopping Experience

handicraft shopping experience

Buying handmade does not require going to malls or listening to advertisements to grab something that is being showcased. It is simple shopping that is personalised owing to the fact that the goods are directly bought from the makers themselves.

18. Handmade Craft Represent Creativity and Imagination

Handicraft represent creativity

Nearly every handmade gift is an ode to creativity and imagination along with talent. The craftsmanship is a thing to behold and worthy of their value too.

19. High Demand Worldwide

Handicraft high demand worldwide

As pointed out earlier, handmade gifts are nowadays in high demand.

The handmade retail giant reported more than 20% growth in merchandise sales on an annual basis. The demand is set to be high enough since it is tough to find goods made physically nowadays of fine quality.

20. Supporting The Dreams of Creative Individuals

Handicraft supports dream

Buying handmade is a win-win situation for all involved since you will be supporting the livelihoods and dreams of creative artisans and in return, you get beautiful handmade goods that can be used or gifted, right from the heart.



Encouraging handmade crafts is a must nowadays since we want to uphold our own culture as well as the beautiful traditions of varied cultures. Buying these goods will fuel their dreams and encourage them to create beautiful things with creativity and imagination from their own hands.

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